Land Dispute Committee Set to Resolve Complaints


A Lands Dispute Resolution Complaints Committee has been appointed by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning to look into land disputes between April 2018 to January 2021, after many years of poor management in the ministry, injustice, and sometimes violent confrontation involving armed men, police and soldiers.

The new Lands Minister – Dr. Turad Senesie, whom many are describing as a reformer compared to his controversial predecessor Sandy, made this announcement at the government press briefing organised by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

“The Committee will receive and look into complaints from persons who feel disadvantaged in land allocation issues between April 2018 and January 2021,” the Minister said.

The Committee has been mandated to start receiving complaints from members of the public on Tuesday March 9 2021 at the Bank Complex in Kingtom.

Complaints will be received in the form of hard copies at the Bank Complex Venue and electronically through email to the address:

According to Dr. Senesie, the Committee will report its findings and recommendations to the government for appropriate action.

The Committee which is led by Alhaji Murtada Sesay, includes Mr. Moses Sellu Mambu, Mr. Jacob Campbell, Mr. Jabez Rogers Wright, Mrs. Toma Jabbie, Mrs. Josephine Buck, Mr. Hassan Samba Yaja, Mr. Boakari Sannoh and Mr. Ambrose T. Rogers as Committee Secretary.

A week ago, Dr. Turad Senesie said that his first priority in his new job as Lands Minister is to reform the Ministry of Lands. This reformation seems now to have started in earnest, with much hope of a welcome break from the disastrous past actions of his predecessor – Dr. Dennis Sandy.