“APC party is still productive and democratic”


…Amb. Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh assures

AYV News

February 6, 2023

All People’s Congress (APC) Party’s former National Secretary General, Amb. Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh has assured that the Party, after various challenges, have collectively addressed their issues.

He said since the days of the Party in governance, its authorities have been playing the greatest role in creating cohesion within the APC party.

He said they have been always busy with searching for avenues that would make the party peaceful, progressive and outstanding.

“We built on the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, zero tolerance to corruption and asking all to obey the constitutional law as a democratic state. Under my stewardship as national secretary general, our country won distinguished international laurel for our democracy, good governance, justice, rapid developmental status”.

“The APC Party does not oppose the Commission of Inquiry but stands by the constitutional procedure and the rule of law.” Dr. Yansaneh stated.

He added that currently, the Party is building up solidarity within, to make it win the 2023 general elections, addition that conditions for winning the people needs minimal convincing power. “We won the district council elections in Bonthe district.

Dr. Yansaneh used the opportunity to caution all APC comrades to refrain from any antiparty activities and pay attention to the party’s structure and their activities to inform, educate and entertain them with the day to day running of the party activities because the party is bigger than anyone.