Ahead of schools reopening: School Feeding Director Outlines Challenges


By Alhaji Daramy

Director Shenbge Koker Rogers

Director of the National School Feeding Programme, Shenbge Koker Rogers during an exclusive interview with AYV newspaper, highlighted some of the challenges hindering the effective running of the Programme ahead of schools reopening next month.

Key amongst challenges highlighted by Director Rogers is deplorable and tight roads to access the interiors and manpower.

He used the opportunity to plead with government through the relevant authorities to help provide the Programme with motorbikes. He said if provided, staff will be able to access villages and towns where beneficiaries await the programmes.

He said in most parts of the country, there are very challenging terrains and narrow roads to access schools.

Director Rogers named malnutrition and starvation as some of the common health challenges faced by most school children in the provinces, adding that the school feeding programme has immensely helped addressing this menace since its start.

He said in most parts of the country, many school children do not know what a full and nutritious meal looks like before the coming of the school feeding programme.

“The school feeding program is essential to their mental, physical health and growth. I am planning to   engage the Ministry of Finance to see how they can pay our partners in time for school feeding to commence. Because if this payments are not paid on time, food for the children will not be available.” Director Rogers stated, adding: “The issue of monitors is another huge challenge we are faced with. Every year, we increase the amount of monitors and as we are expanding, we need more staffs to complete the task ahead. The purpose of monitoring the school feeding programme is to collect information that will inform and facilitate the agenda of Government.

He said previously, the Programme was operating in 14 out of 16 districts but that this year they are planning to add one more district, which would mean more man power needed.